Career opportunities in international business management

Develop a career that spans borders and cultures

With globalization and advancements in technology, the world is more connected than ever. Take advantage of opportunities within dynamic global industries with an online degree in international business management. The skills that you learn can be applied on the job, no matter which industry you choose. An international business career can facilitate travel, cross-cultural communication, and an enhanced worldview. You can expand your professional partnerships and networks around the globe.

What you’ll learn

The Lynn University online bachelor’s degree in international business management prepares you to work in a global capacity. You’ll gain the ability to:

  • Identify opportunities and threats on a global scale.
  • Create solutions for international business planning, including logistics and supply chain management.
  • Develop risk management strategies.
  • Evaluate political, legal, social and cultural factors to inform your decision-making.
  • Improve your cross-cultural negotiation and resolution skills.
  • Use business analytics tools to interpret data and learn how to communicate your results.

Career opportunities in international business

International business careers can take on many forms. Jobs in international business management span a variety of industries, from multinational corporations and import/export operations to global banking and communications. The online degree in international business management can open doors to new roles, such as:

  • Global corporation manager
  • Public sector or international business specialist
  • International marketing manager
  • International entrepreneur
  • International organization researcher
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Employment and career advancement: Actual outcomes vary by geographic area, previous work experience and opportunities for employment. Lynn University does not guarantee employment placement or career advancement.