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Two aviation students look inside the cockpit of a plane


Anatomy of airport operations: Who runs an airport?

Learn about airport operations, what qualities are needed in an airline operations career and how to enter the field.

A professor speaks to a group of aviation students


102 top aviation resources you need to know

A roundup of popular aviation news, education resources, scholarships, simulators, museums and more for pilots, teachers and students.

A pilot stands next to a plane


Aviation career guide

Career opportunities in aviation are more varied than you might think, and many of these roles are in high demand.


Types of business careers: A guide for college students

Learn about common types of business degrees and their corresponding career paths.

Pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit of an aircraft


How to become a professional pilot

Professional pilots are in high demand. Learn about the eight steps involved in becoming a professional pilot.

A professor teaches a communication course.


Is a communication degree a good fit for me?

A communication degree helps you develop soft skills that are applicable for almost any role. Find out if earning this degree is right for you.